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Communal Installation

Communal system required?

Commercial Television Installation Services

Installation to multiple rooms has never been easier. Seamlessly fitted into your building an IRS system ( Integrated Reception System ) will upgrade and future proof your property.

An IRS system can provide any combination of Sky+, Sky+ HD, Freesat, Freeview, DAB and FM radio to any number of locations at once, the bonus being only one dish and aerial to achieve this.

Now installed as standard in any new build for flats, and other multi point systems, IRS will stop the need for individual aerial and satellite dish installs and provide a one feeds all solution.

One cable to every user is all that's needed for full access to all signals, with a single outlet plate the tenant can use every/any broadcast.

All equipment we use is up to CAI benchmark standard, including TX100 low loss cable so your guaranteed a great picture every time.